We help companies of all sizes spend less on energy and become more efficient at using it, through;

  • Partnering with the leading energy suppliers in the market
  • Having access to preferential tariffs from suppliers
  • Leading edge technology on Energy Management and usage
  • Live market pricing and reverse auction energy pricing platform
  • Full range of energy related products and services

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Where do you focus your energy?

At BAS Energy, we know the key to business success lies in developing the right strategy to direct your team’s energies in the right ways. In every business, energy strategy is now business strategy – in more ways than one. With BAS Energy, you will be partnering with a team of energy procurement and management specialists. Offering more products, more choice, and more technology, BAS is geared towards saving you money and ensuring best use of your business resources.

From energy price comparisons to invoice validation and data and performance management, BAS offers services to cover all the bases when it comes to your utilities, whether you are a SME or a big corporate. By combining expertise, technology, and relationships with suppliers, BAS is able to offer electricity, gas, water, waste, and facilities maintenance solutions which will help to power your business’s operations from inception to renewal. If you’re looking for free smart meter options, half-hourly electricity, carbon management and compliance, the BAS team will bring their skills, customer-centred approach, and unique energy to every enquiry.

Channel your energy into doing business, knowing your energy and utilities are in the trusted hands of a company dedicated to adding real value to your business through change, savings, and security.

Saving Energy: Our Guide for Small & Medium Businesses

If energy bills are burning a hole in your pocket, why not download the BAS Guide to Saving Energy here.

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