BAS Energy - 2017 was the year of green

2017 Marks The UK’s Greenest Year On Record

In the latest statistics released by the National Grid, renewable energy and low carbon technology has played a role in making 2017 the UK’s greenest energy year. Britain currently has the fourth cleanest power system in Europe and the seventh cleanest in the world.

April 2017 saw the first 24-hour period powered without coal since the Industrial Revolution, with the year having 23 days where renewables beat fossil fuels. This comes against the backdrop of the government announcing 1 October 2025 as the date on which unabated coal-fired power will be phased out in line with the country’s international climate change obligations. Further, the UK has ranked fifth in the world in an assessment of climate change behaviour and environmental practices, marking progress in terms of renewables.

The National Grid has also launched new software forecasting carbon intensity of energy usage which is aimed at helping the public monitor energy usage in keeping with carbon control policies. These developments and landmarks in terms of emissions make 2018 an exciting year for energy and will further put renewables to the test in terms of supply and demand.

As always, BAS is excited by energy! Our team of experts continue to monitor changes in the market in order to best advise and serve our clients. With the New Year upon us, we look forward to helping your business find the most affordable energy tariffs and assisting with your comprehensive energy strategy. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.


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