Over 600 000 Customers Switched Energy Suppliers In October

In its latest switching statistics, Energy UK has reported that more than 600 000 customers switched
energy suppliers in October – an increase of 11% from September’s figures. This brings the latest
total number of switches to around 4.5 million for 2017. The expanding number of switches can be
attributed to a market featuring more competition than previously seen, as well as a desire amongst
consumers to seek out savings.

32% of the October switches saw a move to small- and mid-tier suppliers, with 33% moving between
large suppliers. Chief Executive of Energy UK, Lawrence Slade, has said, “Many more [customers] will
have made savings by checking they are on the best deal with their existing supplier. It only takes a
few minutes to do this and, with over 55 suppliers across the market, there’s never been more
competition or choice.” In addition to this, research has shown that nine out of ten consumers have
been satisfied with the process of changing suppliers, which can account for customer confidence
when it comes to switching.

Join the ever-increasing number of customers who have saved money on energy this year through
switching suppliers. If this is a daunting or time-consuming task, BAS Energy is here to help. Through
long-standing relationships with reputable suppliers in the UK, we will remove the burden of getting
quotes and negotiating and securing the best tariffs for your business. Contact us today to discuss
your business’s energy management strategy.


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