Is your SME business prepared for water deregulation?

Is your SME business prepared for water deregulation?

Currently in England, some large businesses (using more than 50 ML annually) have the option to change their water market supplier but other businesses do not. This means that the only thing these companies are able to do when they are unhappy with their supplier is to complain (which can be a lengthy process ), or to stop payments which could result in water supply being stopped.

However, In April 2017, deregulation of the non-domestic water market is to be introduced to England, following Scotland’s successful deregulation in 2008. This means the water market will be open to all businesses across England, allowing them to choose their own supplier.

Why you should be prepared

Suppliers are expected to compete against each other in the bid to have overall customer satisfaction, excellent customer service, a full range of products and water efficiency to save customers money.

They are also expected to offer more tailored packages to suit different business sectors, giving a more individual approach. Therefore it is important for businesses to be prepared for April and to have a clear idea of what it is they want from their water supplier.

While suppliers may not specialise by sectors, they will all be attempting to create appealing packages for different business types, giving companies the chance to ‘window shop’ and find the best deal to suit their business needs.

How to be prepared

April 2017 is nearly here, so it’s better to start preparing now in order for your business to be at the front of the queue for the best deals.

Here at BAS Energy, our account managers are advising and helping our customers to prepare site, consumption and meter data, allowing us to match and compare their requirements with appropriate suppliers and finding them the best available option.

If you would like information on how your business can benefit from savings due to water regulation, visit our Save On Water or Contact us to find out more.

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