BAS Energy renegotiate corporate energy contract for Blossom and Brownes

Blossom and Browne’s Sycamore is a commercial laundry service with several branches across London. The firm caters for a range of important customers, including celebrities, royalty and London’s professional institutions. It prides itself on its customer service and attention to detail.

What challenges did the company face when you made contact with BAS Energy?

Getting the right energy deal is particularly important for a business like Blossom and Browne’s, as consumption is high due to the nature of the business sector. When they got in touch with BAS Energy, they were experiencing some difficulties with their energy provider.

“When we made contact, we were involved in a dispute with our existing gas supplier and had reached a dead-end – one of the energy meters had not been billed correctly, we had been overcharged and they billed us on out-of-contract rates.” “We needed to negotiate a reasonable rate for when we were not in contract, and BAS Energy helped us to look into the options.”

How did BAS Energy help?

“They enabled us to sort out the issues with our existing energy provider and re-tender with another that better suited our needs. A new electricity contract was arranged, as well as a new gas deal.”

“After BAS Energy renegotiated the energy contract last year, it saved the company £30,000.”

“Their expertise in managing contracts enabled us to enter into a new arrangement that gave us access to the wholesale market, which resulted in significant savings.”

Ordinarily, utility bills involve a standard daily charge and unit rate, with all of the gas purchased upfront. Under Blossom and Browne’s new contract, the gas is traded throughout the month, in line with market price fluctuations.

This type of contract enables BAS Energy to be more responsive and consequently save its clients money. A traditional contract would have cost Blossom and Browne’s £130,000 more, as the gas price decreased throughout the year.

What other assistance did they provide?

BAS Energy prides itself on its customer service and continues to offer advice and support after a new contract has been negotiated.

“They are in regular contact with Blossom and Browne’s, providing a corporate energy procurement service for us.”

This involves monitoring the market and purchasing gas on a daily basis, and it is more cost efficient than hiring a procurement manager.

“BAS Energy also helped us to arrange energy efficiency audits and negotiated a climate change agreement.”

Aimed at energy-intensive industries, these voluntary agreements enable eligible firms to achieve a 90 percent reduction in the climate change levy, providing they sign up to government energy efficiency targets.

The size of the company meant Blossom and Browne’s was exempt from a climate change levy.

“Entering into a climate change agreement significantly reduced our costs. It provided 65 percent relief on one of our charges, saving us around £2,000 per year.”

BAS Energy also helped with the reporting of the firm’s energy consumption, to make sure their operations were as efficient as possible.

What impressed you most about the service?

BAS Energy prides itself on its principles of trust, honesty and transparency, and Blossom and Browne’s was particularly impressed with the transparency of the service.

“BAS Energy provided a transparent process when they did the tendering, broke down all the costs and done forecasts. They are very good at keeping us up-to-date – they provide constant updates on what they expect our costs to be.”

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