BAS Energy achieves significant savings on gas and electricity for Cressage House

Cressage House has been established for over 30 years as a mental health and learning disability care home in Southsea, Portsmouth. It aims to help people to continue to live as independently as possible by providing a consistently high standard of care and support for their individual needs.

Mohammed Zolanvar is the manager at Cressage House. BAS Energy helped him to resolve a number of difficulties with his utility provider and arranged a better energy deal, enabling him to get on with the important business of running the care home.

Existing contractual problems hamper business performance

BAS Energy contacted Cressage House when they were nearing the end of their existing gas contract. Mr Zolanvar explained that, at the time, they were experiencing some difficulties with their energy provider, and these were taking up valuable time that could have been better spent running the business.

“We were getting invoices with minimal information – they didn’t show gas consumption or price per unit. The amount on the invoices didn’t match the money coming out of our business account,” he added.

Mohammed was unhappy with the customer service the rm provided, which was characterised by a lack of transparency regarding their energy contract. As it was hard to get hold of the right person when calling the company, these problems were difficult to resolve.

“On one occasion, things got worse,” Mohammed said. “They took out the money twice, so we called and let them know about it – but they did not take our call seriously. I had to chase them up for weeks to speak to the account manager.”

Later on, Cressage House started to receive letters telling them their monthly plan was due to increase, even though the overcharging problems had not been resolved. Although they tried informing the company of their correct energy consumption levels, they were still charged extra money.

BAS Energy helps to resolve problems

“When BAS Energy phoned, I explained the situation and the account manager, Yogesan Reddy, asked for permission to speak to the company on our behalf,” Mohammed said. “It surprised me that he was prepared to take up our cause, as other brokers were not interested. But he was very helpful and took the time to listen, and he was very reassuring.”

Yogesan’s investigations uncovered problems with the energy contract that had not previously come to light: it transpired that Cressage House was in a lot of credit they had not been informed about and the contract dates were incorrect. “He was in touch with them near enough every day, and the results were fantastic,” Mohammed explained.

It turned out that when the gas company approached Cressage House, they had signed an authorisation for them to be the brokers and ensured they had the best rates in the market for electricity and gas.

“We managed to get out of the contract and we did not have to pay as much for its termination. Yogesan argued against their calculations to terminate the contract and the amount that was due.”

Vital energy savings for a small business

BAS Energy managed to achieve significant savings on gas and electricity for Cressage House, totalling almost £3,000 per year on the combined utility bills. This was particularly important due to the care home’s status as a SME business, which doesn’t have extensive knowledge of the utility market and lacks the resources to continually engage with suppliers.

“Our cash flow is really important to us, so for our previous suppliers to take out two lots of £500 in a month when they shouldn’t have, really hurts us,” Mohammed explained. “Now we are on better deals for our energy supply, the extra money means a lot to us – it helps us to care for people rather than chase suppliers.”

A solid customer relationship

Yogesan maintained regular contact with Cressage House throughout the negotiation process, and transparency was a vital component of the relationship with BAS Energy.

“He got in touch almost every day and explained the emails he got back from the gas company, and also about the rates and the arrangements for changing energy contracts,” Mohammed said. “He took the time to explain things that I didn’t understand.”

Reassuringly, Yogesan was only a phone call away – and if he wasn’t available, one of his colleagues would take a message and respond to Mohammed quickly.

“The brilliant thing about it was that the account manager was like our solicitor – he had our best interests at heart.”

Having a close relationship with a single point of contact was a clear advantage over other customer service models, as dealing with a large number of people can often stand in the way of resolving problems.

“He was only one person, so we had a relationship where we could work together towards a goal,” Mohammed explained.

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