BAS Energy find the best business energy deal for Forest Hill

Forest Hill is a non-profit-making sheltered housing complex in Leeds, providing independent living for retired people. It is run by Yorkshire Ladies Council (Hostels) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Yorkshire Ladies’ Council of Education. Manager Kathryn Taylor started working at Forest Hill three years ago. When she joined, she realised they had been paying too much on their utility bills, and BAS Energy helped her to make big savings on their energy bills.

“My role was to bring everything up to date. They had no dedicated housing person here, so they were paying far too much for their electricity and gas,” she explained. “I got in touch with BAS Energy and sent the bills and energy usage information over, and the result was that we saved £22,000 – a big saving.”

The experts at BAS Energy used their knowledge of the market to find the best business energy deal for Forest Hill. They realised that significant savings could be made if Forest Hill bought their energy up front, so the organisation made the transition to the new arrangements.

Forest Hill is a small not-for-profit entity, and the savings made with the help of BAS Energy proved to be very useful. The extra money helped to upgrade the building’s fabric by adding new cladding to ensure it remains dry. Originally, Forest Hill just signed up for an electricity contract, but they also subsequently negotiated a new gas deal through BAS Energy and this will run until 2017. A further arrangement will run until at least 2020.

Excellent customer service from BAS Energy

Kathryn was very impressed by the high levels of customer service provided by BAS Energy. “They were always very approachable, understanding and helpful, and I don’t have to worry about them at all,” she said. “If something’s coming up in the future, they let me know – but they don’t pressurise me. They give me time to make an informed decision and make my mind up.”

BAS Energy has a reputation for transparency, and this is a quality that Kathryn noticed straightaway, adding that it gave her greater confidence in the organisation. When her account was passed over to a new manager, it was handled very smoothly and there was no break in service. “They are so personable,” Kathryn remarked. “There is no ‘hard sell’ – I can’t deal with hard sells. They just give me a full picture of what there is, then I can make my mind up and go back to them.” The fact that she has a reliable single point of contact is “very beneficial”. “When you’re juggling so many things at work, being transferred between different people and having to repeat the same thing can be inconvenient,” Kathryn explained.

“If my account manager, Yogesan, is not there when I call, I just leave a message and they get back to me straight away. They’re really on the ball and very customer-orientated – it’s a very good service.”

“I’ve been in the sector for well over 30 years and dealt with a lot of people in the past, and I just think it’s a pleasure to be able to speak to someone without the hard sell and people who make promises without delivering. “When BAS Energy say they will deliver, they deliver.”

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