Gorkana Group Renew Their Business Energy Contract with BAS Energy

Gorkana is a global media intelligence firm with offices in London and New York. It uses smart technology to provide its clients with a number of key commercial insights in a rapidly evolving marketplace, serving 35,000 media professionals every day.

The company has three buildings in the UK and the largest, Discovery House, consumes a substantial amount of business electricity.

Shirley Brooks is facilities manager at Gorkana, which had used BAS Energy before she arrived at the company. As the firm’s electricity contract was due to expire, the decision was taken to use their energy management services again to arrange a new deal with the intent to save money on their electricity bills.

Finding the best energy deal

Shirley was impressed by the way in which BAS Energy provided a detailed breakdown of the business energy offers that were available to Gorkana.

“BAS Energy gave us information about what we’ve used; they presented us with different offers and went into detail about what the offers were; so yes, it was very helpful,” she said.

This process saved a significant amount of time. “It’s simpler for the business because sometimes understanding all the kilowatts is quite complicated, so they made it easier for us, that’s for sure,” she explained.

Shirley’s account manager, Ken Albon, explained how BAS Energy was able to make the electricity savings. Their knowledge of the energy market and close relationship with suppliers enabled them to find the best deal for Gorkana.

They took a proactive approach to negotiation; Firstly, they identified a gap in the market with the potential to save money, before addressing a wide range of suppliers to find the most suitable option.

“We know the top suppliers through our day-to-day business,” Ken explained. “We found one with the best offer and the best variety of options in terms of product types.”

BAS Energy settled on a ‘pass through’ contract, in which the bulk of the costs are fixed for the duration of the period but other elements, such as transport and distribution, are passed through to the client at the prevailing rates. If prices decrease, the customer’s savings grow larger.

Transparency is one of the main benefits of this type of contract. “Pass-through contracts provide 100 percent transparency for customers. This is a strong selling point, as consumers know exactly what they’re paying for,” Ken said.

The savings achieved through this energy contract exceeded expectations, amounting to eight percent of Gorkana’s electricity costs. This translated into cash savings of more than £21,000 over the period of the contract.

Help with Energy Savings and Opportunities (ESOS) Scheme obligations

BAS Energy also helped Gorkana to meet its obligations under the Energy Savings and Opportunities (ESOS) scheme, which requires large firms to identify how they can potentially reduce energy consumption.

“An assessor from the Carbon Trust came in to carry out our ESOS audit,” Shirley said. “He required a lot of half-hourly information, which I didn’t have at the time, so I got in touch with BAS Energy and they sent the figures over straight away.”

During this process, another potential saving was identified. “We assessed Gorkana’s maximum demands and found its capacity agreement was set higher than it needed to be,” Ken explained.

“Going through the formal process, we were able to make an energy saving that could occur immediately, as this is something that can be amended during a contract.”

A close customer relationship

BAS Energy maintains a strong relationship with its customers after energy contracts have been negotiated, and Shirley was very impressed by this aspect of the service.

“They have a close relationship with us,” she said. “They’re at the end of an email, so if I need any help or I’ve got any questions, I just email them and they come back to me straight away.”

Ken, who is also head of corporate retention, takes personal and professional pride in his relationship with customers. “What happens between negotiations leaves a lasting impression,” he said.

Shirley summed up her experience with BAS Energy by saying: “They save you a lot of time and they help you understand all the different offers. They provide a thorough breakdown; and if you’re not sure of anything, you can always ask questions. So I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

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