Quest Diagnostics use BAS Energy’s corporate services to significantly reduce business electricity costs

Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, employing approximately 900 MDs and PhDs worldwide. It aims to achieve better healthcare solutions and is helping to develop new cures through its support for clinical trials.

In the UK, the company offers doctors and patients the benefits of a consultant led, CPA and CAP accredited, full-service laboratory. As well as testing, Quest provides supplies and logistics, customer support and expert medical advice.

The company opened a state-of-the-art, purpose-built laboratory in West London in 1996. Operating seven days a week, the facility undertakes both diagnostic and clinical trial testing.

What challenges did you face as a business?

Andrew Whiston is UK environmental, health, safety and facilities manager at Quest Diagnostics; he is responsible for all of the company’s facilities in the UK.

“I was tasked with getting better electricity and gas rates and making savings while re-tendering the firm’s business energy contracts – the challenge was to try to make as many savings as possible. We’d just rolled over contract with npower and discovered we could make a big saving when BAS Energy was brought in – without them charging a fee.”

How did BAS Energy help with your energy enquiries?

“They did everything,” Mr Whiston comments. “I previously had to do everything myself when tendering an energy contract but they took the whole thing on and handled all aspects of it. Their communication was brilliant and it was done effortlessly; it was just so easy.

“As a business, it saved us valuable time – I’m the only person looking after facilities in the UK. The reason the energy contract had been rolled over for so many years was probably because no-one had time to go into the market, so it just rolled over.”

Using BAS Energy enabled Quest to significantly reduce its business electricity costs, helping Mr Whiston’s goal of achieving savings through re-tendering.

“It showed that we could make a £16,000 saving straight off the bat by switching with them. Subsequently, they have been extremely helpful – I couldn’t have done things without them, really. The £16,000 formed part of £250,000 savings achieved through re-tendering electricity contracts.

What else was good about BAS Energy’s corporate services?

“BAS Energy helped us with gas as well as electricity. They have provided an excellent service with regards to an online contract that is due to be finished a week before Christmas.”

Mr Whiston is currently upgrading the power into the building as part of a major engineering project and BAS Energy has been instrumental in aiding the transition to a new system.

“They acted as a liaison between firstly the distribution company, SSE, in getting them on board with the right people. Quest has previously contacted SSE for quotations and so on and we hit a brick wall – progress was hampered because it had already been done several times previously.”

BAS Energy’s extensive industry experience and its status as the UK’s most trusted power broker enabled it to achieve quick results for Quest.

“As an intermediary, BAS Energy got the ball rolling very quickly because of their contacts within the industry and their understanding of what was required. Ken has been fielding things for us at the drop of a hat and sorting things out with the new electricity and gas meters. He has dealt with things that are beyond my experiences and those of my principal contractors.”

Mr Whiston explained the crucial significance of these projects to his firm’s operations. “The projects could have been showstoppers if they were not delivered in the correct time and manner but Ken has been fantastic and dealt with them with aplomb.”

BAS Energy offers customers a half-hourly energy meter service, which eliminates the need for manual readings and results in an extremely accurate and up-to-date business energy bill. These benefit larger, more energy-intensive firms, and Quest Diagnostics took advantage of the corporate services to aid its expansion plans.

“We have had a new half-hourly energy meter installed. Our electricity usage is constant – mainly for refrigerators; we have about 60 on site. That’s why we’re upgrading the power – so there isn’t much fluctuation from time of day or from season to season. The idea was so that we could expand the business – we could get an extra 42 freezers on site, so it was hugely significant for us.”

“They are highly rated from my perspective and Ken has been absolutely perfect,” Mr Whiston adds.

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