BAS Energy provides their SME business energy services to Whitehorse UK Ltd

Whitehorse UK Ltd is an established West Midlands property development firm in the UK with multiple sites across the country, each with their own Energy contracts across various suppliers.

What challenges did you face as a business?

Parvinder Kaur is Whitehorse Ltd’s Managing Director in the UK. “Communicating directly with energy suppliers resulted in endless nightmares for us, it was almost impossible to contact them directly. The endless billing issues were never resolved, queries landed up with the wrong person and only after repeated calls over several months were any issues resolved”. Parvinder recalls one occasion where she received a £30,000 energy bill that was sent to her because that particular supplier could not get the new owner of the building to settle the bill.

How did BAS Energy help?

“Since handing over our energy contracts to BAS Energy we have not experienced any of the problems we previously had to deal with, it is such a breath of fresh air,” says Parvinder, who is responsible for handling the various sites energy portfolios. “Shirley is my account manager and I have never in my life experienced such incredible service, she oversees the entire process – from meter installation to ensuring that the engineers are doing their jobs properly.”

When Whitehorse received an incorrect bill from their energy supplier, Shirley managed to correct it with the supplier in question and have a new bill sent within one week, a process that had always taken Parvinder significantly longer in the past.

What else is good about the SME business energy services?

“BAS Energy has helped us with both the Gas and Electricity on our sites and we are highly impressed with the Service we have received.” Parvinder places emphasis on Shirley Ralfe who is one of BAS Energy’s senior energy experts with 9 years’ experience in negotiating the best deals on behalf of her customers as well as overseeing the process of changing over energy contracts from start to finish.

Would you recommend BAS Energy to other companies and is there any advice you would like to give people that are hesitant to use a third party?

“If you want to save time, effort, money and have peace of mind, you ought to be using BAS Energy. Why would you do this yourself when you can place it in the hands of someone qualified and highly experienced. BAS Energy has saved us time and money on our electricity and gas bills, and I highly recommend taking advantage of their incredible SME services, I myself was a referral and have since referred another two companies who have said the same thing.”

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