Concern over water market stagnation

Following its latest research, CCWater has expressed the concern over the state of the non-domestic water market amongst SMEs. This comes off the back of a survey showing that less than 38% of these businesses in England believe they can switch water supplier. This shows little change from the studies conducted in July last year.

According to CCWater, awareness and understanding underpins the effectiveness of the market for businesses – large and small – and every effort needs to be made to help SMEs understand the value of engaging with the market to avoid stagnation. Despite working alongside the British Chambers of Commerce and the National Farmers’ Union to raise awareness over the past 18 months, the latest research has shown only a quarter of SMEs are aware that a change has taken place within the non-domestic water market.

Once aware, however, the statistics have gone on to show that almost half of surveyed SMEs gathered more information, with 31% negotiating a better rate with their existing supplier and 24% switching supplier. 70% of larger businesses interviewed expressed interest in finding out more information subsequent to the survey.

If you are a business owner and you would like to know more about the non-domestic water market and what this means for you, BAS Energy has a team of water experts who are ready to help. As awareness is raised and businesses shop around, so competitiveness increases – meaning potential for notable savings on your water contracts. Don’t have the time? Our dedicated account managers will do all the legwork on your behalf – finding you the best tariffs and contracts suited to your business, so you can make water strategy part of your business strategy through great savings.

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