BAS Energy - Government repsonse to BEIS Select Committee post-Brexit nuclear concerns

Government respond to BEIS Select Committee post-Brexit nuclear concerns

Late last year, the BEIS issued a report in which it detailed its concerns around the status of the UK’s civil nuclear sector post-Brexit. With nuclear facilities providing 21% of the nation’s energy, it recommended retaining close links with Euratom and consistency with regard to future research in the sector as being crucial to keeping the country’s nuclear plants in operation. They have further stated that they will be implementing measures to ensure the UK can “operate as an independent nuclear state” post-Brexit.

Government has responded stating that, “The nuclear industry remains of key strategic importance to the UK” – and issuing an assurance that they will ensure investment and projects suffer no adverse effects post-Brexit. Further, government has said they are working closely with the Office for Nuclear Regulation to ensure the UK continues to meet international standards after the UK’s withdrawal from Euratom.

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