Hesitance To Install Smart Meters In More Than Half Of Customers

In a recent survey conducted by Utility Week, a quarter of UK energy customers expressed no desire
to install smart meters, while a further 24% said they would need to find out more information – the
latter figure showing a decline over the past six months. Furthermore, 5% claimed they were
worried about getting one.

Whilst these results may be typical reactions at this stage, the survey also looked into customer
experience. 16% of customers with a smart meter reported a loss in functionality on switching.
However, a third of customers claimed to have seen savings on their energy bills since installation.

Energy suppliers are tasked with showing consumers evidence of smart meter benefits and raising
awareness. BAS Energy is here to take the complexity out of this technology. If you are looking to
find out more about smart metering for your business or are ready to install your smart meter, we’re
here to talk you through the process and handle your installations for a seamless experience. At BAS,
our primary concern is that your business gets the most out of its energy contract. Contact us to find
out more about our free metering options and contract management solutions.

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