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House of Lords Committee expresses concern over UK energy post-Brexit

A recent report issued by the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee has highlighted threats to the UK’s energy trade if the UK leaves the EU. Amidst concerns over long-term demand and supply should the nation leave the union, the Committee has requested government comment on how issues raised in the report are to be addressed whilst providing an affordable, secure, reliable source of energy and gas.

As it stands, the EU provides the UK with approximately 12% of British gas and 5% electricity and concerns have been raised over the affordability and reliability of supply post-Brexit. Whilst the benefits are clear cut and acknowledged, it is hoped that the status quo is maintained with as little change as possible – particularly in light of agreements that foresee ongoing collaboration on climate and energy in light of the Paris Agreement.

The report further raised the importance of relations with Euratom, the EU’s nuclear body, going forward. This comes despite a recent Written Ministerial Statement stressing ongoing continuity of the current arrangements with the body around research and operations within the EU and UK and the maintenance of open trade arrangements.

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