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Money Down The Drain: The Effect Of Leaks On Your Water Bill

CCWater reported last week that 3.1 billion litres of water were lost in Wales and England every day in 2016/7 – an increase of 1%. The organisation has warned suppliers to curb leakage levels in light of the published figures.

Leading suppliers have responded positing their commitment to leakage performance in meeting targets. CCWater has reported that only four companies missed their targets this year, raising the concern that targets aren’t “challenging enough”. As pointed out by Tony Smith, chief executive of CCWater, suppliers’ failures to address leakage issues can have a negative effect on consumer attitudes to water saving.

Leakage figures have been reduced by a third since the mid-1990s and Ofwat has proposed suppliers work towards a 15% leak reduction between 2020 and 2025. Continued pressure by these organisations means consumers will benefit from the associated effect improvements will have on their water bills.

Viewed within a broader context, the wastefulness of the leaks highlights the role of all members of the supply chain in reducing leakage and saving water, which will have both financial and environmental benefits.

Shopping the water market can reveal potentially very high savings on your water bill. BAS will compare tariffs across the entire water market in order to find the best contract to suit your needs and your dedicated account manager will be able to advise you on water solutions to strategise savings for your business.

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