June 8th General Election

Political Parties Release Their Manifestos and Energy Policy Plans: The Conservatives

In April, The Conservatives were reportedly planning to cap household energy prices as a part of their manifesto. Here is what the party are now pledging for this year’s election as we carry on from our blog series regarding the political party’s manifestos and energy policy plans.

The Conservatives say they will ensure that the oil and gas industry will continue to play a vital role in the UK’s economy and energy supply, along with future investment into the country’s natural resources.

The party have also mentioned how they will take advantage of the development of the significant reserves in the North Sea, with the expectations for it to be the first major oil and gas basin to be fully decommissioned in the world.

In order to find out how the UK can keep energy costs low for both businesses and households, the Conservatives will commission an independent review on current energy costs. This would also help to find out how the party can ensure a reliable supply of energy would be used to meet carbon reductions goals for 2050.

“Our ambition is that the UK should have the lowest energy costs in Europe, both for households and businesses. So as we upgrade our energy infrastructure, we will do it in an affordable way, consistent with that ambition.”

The conservatives plan to help large companies become more energy efficient in order for them to reduce their energy usage and costs.

After leaving the European Union, The Conservatives plan to form their energy policy based on the outcomes of energy rather than the generation. With plans for reliable and affordable energy, they will also seize industry opportunities with new technologies to meet commitments on climate change.

They pledge to develop the shale gas industry in the UK, helping to reduce carbon emissions. Though this would only be possible if the UK maintain rigorous environmental regulations and making sure the costs generated by shale are shared with affected communities (including tax going back into the extraction sites and back to the local people themselves).

As mentioned in the other parties, The Conservatives plan to invest into the UK’s transport, with the ambition for the UK to lead in electric vehicle technology, including zero emission cars and vans to be the most popular choice of vehicle by 2050. £600 million will be invested into zero emission cars by 2020 to help towards the 2050 goal as well as money to be invested into low emission public transport.

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