June 8th General Election

Political Parties Release Their Manifestos and Energy Policy Plans: The Green Party

At BAS Energy, we are keeping an eye on what each of the political parties have planned for the UK’s energy future.

Another political party to have released their manifesto ready for the upcoming General Election in June is The Green Party.

In similar views to The Labour party‘s energy policy, The Green Party have described the UK’s Energy System as broken, and not delivering the needs for households and businesses. They intend to capture the falling prices of renewable energy, helping to combat climate change and take back control of the UK energy system.

Climate change appears to be at the forefront of the party’s manifesto, as they’d plan to make it a major policy priority and would like to join with other countries who are also lowering their carbon footprint to limit climate change.

Their aim is to invest in a new energy system ‘fit for the 21st century’, providing clean, renewable energy and putting a ban on fracking.  They also plan to put investment into more offshore wind and marine renewable energy, along with investment in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

The Green Party have suggested an end to the competition of just the ‘Big Six’ energy firms, and introducing locally owned alternatives, meaning towns and cities would be able to run their own local energy and heating supply.

The energy policy has outlined that new homes would be built to zero-carbon standards by 2020, whilst current homes would be put into a national programme of insulation and retrofitting to decrease the number of people living in fuel poverty.

Do you have any thoughts on The Green Party’s plans?