June 8th General Election

Political Parties Release Their Manifestos and Energy Policy Plans: The Labour Party

With the General Election just 3 weeks away, the political parties are releasing their manifestos and we at BAS Energy are keeping an eye on what each of them have planned for the UK’s energy future.

The Labour Party have released their official manifesto, with their energy policy outlining plans to invest more in green energy, and ensuring 60 percent of the UK’s energy will be from zero-carbon and renewable sources by 2030.

The party’s key principles are:

  • To ensure security of energy supply and ‘keep the lights on’.
  • To ensure energy costs are affordable for consumers and businesses.
  • To ensure the UK meet climate change targets and transition to a low-carbon economy.

The party has claimed the UK’s current energy system to be outdated, expensive and polluting.

It plans to replace the National Grid and the country’s current water system for publicly owned systems.

A fracking ban will also be put in place to avoid us in being locked into an energy infrastructure for fossil fuels.

Labour said:

“We are committed to renewable energy projects, including tidal lagoons, which can help create manufacturing and energy jobs as well as contributing to climate- change commitments.”

Stating the UK’s low-carbon economy as being one of the fastest growing sectors with almost 450,000 employees being hired in the industry in 2015, Labour plan to invest into the sector to create even more jobs.

The manifesto also says household energy bills will be capped, costing no more than £1,000 a year for the average dual-fuel energy consumption.

What do you think to the Labour Party’s energy policy plans?

Keep an eye out for the release of the next manifesto as we look at the other party’s key principles for our Energy future.