June 8th General Election

Political Parties Release Their Manifestos and Energy Policy Plans: The Liberal Democrats

Carrying on from our blog series regarding the manifestos and energy policy plans from the different political parties, The Liberal Democrats have now released their plans and suggestions ready for the June General Election.

With air pollution appearing to be a major aspect of the political party’s energy policies, The Lib Dems aim to reduce greenhouse emissions by 80 percent before 2040, and zero by 2050 through a new air quality plan. The plan would involve scrapping the sale of diesel cars and vans in the UK by the time we reach 2025.

The party have also spoken about extended Ultra-Low Emission Zones throughout the UK and making low emission/emission free vehicles more appealing by reforming taxes.

As mentioned by some of the other parties, The Liberal Democrats will ban fracking. They also intend to join forces with Paris in an agreement to lower their carbon footprint by expanding renewable energies to generate 60% of electricity and supporting a carbon capture and storage programme to help combat climate change.

When talking about Brexit, the Lib Dems have suggested that nuclear power will continue to play a role in electricity and the UK would still be a part of the Euratom.

Have you read The Green Party’s or The Labour Party’s Energy Policy plans?