Project Nexus - A Huge Change in the UK Gas Industry

Project Nexus – A Huge Change in the UK Gas Industry

Project Nexus is the given name to a huge change in the UK gas industry.

The national register of gas meters known as Xoserve is about to undergo the biggest update on the central gas system in the UK since the late 1990s (and the biggest SAP Implementation in Europe).

This large IT upgrade, being driven by Ofgem, will take place during May 23rd and June 6th this year and will affect all gas suppliers for both business and domestic industries.

The upgrading process will happen during May 23rd and 31st, during which time there will be no communicating from Xoserve or the Independent Gas Transporters. These non-effective days will enable activities such as data migration and transition to the new systems to take place.

Ofgem have agreed that the current 21 day switching rule will not apply during this time for any gas supplier switches.

How will Nexus affect customers?

Customers may experience a delay in switching to a different gas provider during this period and will be unable to register during the upgrade.

June 6th 2017 will be the first business day as usual after the upgrade has been complete, allowing for backlogs to be cleared.

To find out more about Project Nexus, visit Ofgem to read the latest publications and updates about the major update.

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