BAS ENergy - Record number of supplier switches in february 2018

Record-breaking supplier switches in February

With an average of 24 000 consumers switching supplier daily in February, the month saw a record-breaking 660 000 customers make the move during the course of the month according to the latest figures from Energy UK. This is a 60% increase from last year’s figures.

Following a total of 6.6 million switches in 2017, this year appears to be following in much the same vein, with consumers making the most of market competitiveness to secure the best deal. This kind of market behaviour contributes to furthered competition between suppliers to provide even better quality price and service.

These figures clearly indicate the necessity of shopping the market for the best price and terms for your energy contract. The reality is, if you haven’t taken the time to conduct a market comparison, your business could be missing out on substantial savings which could be re-allocated to other areas of your business.

At BAS Energy, we know that, for busy business owners and teams, taking the time to obtain and meaningfully compare quotes is a hard ask – and, on top of that, understanding the fine print can seem an insurmountable task. We take the headache out of shopping the energy market. Our team of energy experts are ready to apply their expertise to your business’s unique circumstances to find the best tariffs and solutions to assist you with your energy strategy. Contact us today to find out more.


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