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Water Services

At BAS we already have considerable experience in the deregulated energy market and now that water deregulation is to be introduced in April 2017, we are once again ready to help deliver even more substantial cost reductions on this utility.

Now all types of businesses across England stand to benefit from immediate savings due to water deregulation.

In order to be in the front of the queue for reductions, we are advising and helping our customers to prepare site, consumption and meter data so that we can match and compare with the appropriate suppliers who will operate in your own businesses sector.

Similarly, water suppliers are now cleansing their own customer data bases to facilitate the issue of new “SPID’s ” a unique supply point identifier prior to the commencement of shadow test period which begins in October 2016.

Preparation is the key to unlock your savings at the most opportune time and by contacting one of our dedicated Account Managers can begin the job of covering the entire market to ensure that you are on the best available option for your business along with potential savings of between 10% and 18% on your current spend.