Small businesses can make a saving of around 40% on their average energy bills.

Small Businesses Can Make Savings Of 40% On Energy Bills

Running a small business can be hard work, with all the hours and effort that is put into the company, the least you would expect is some profit. However, there are many small businesses in the UK that could be making even more of a profit by reducing their energy bills.

By analysing and comparing the energy market, small businesses could save up to 40% on their yearly gas and electricity bills by switching their energy suppliers.

With savings as big as 40%, why aren’t more small businesses taking the advantage of changing suppliers?

Many people believe staying with their current supplier is ‘just easier and quicker’, but by not exploring what other deals are on the energy market, they could be missing out on huge savings.

BAS Energy SME Services

If you are a small business who would like to save money but haven’t got the time to search the energy market yourself, let us do the work for you!

From energy usage monitoring and portfolio management to gas and electricity procurement, you can be confident that BAS Energy will help your business to take advantage of trustworthy energy suppliers, efficient energy solutions, and overall lower energy prices.

Take a look at the range of services we provide to help small to medium businesses save on their energy costs. Alternatively, you can contact us here.


Do You Have a High Energy Consumption?

Are you a medium sized company with a high energy consumption? Make sure you know about the P272 proposal that is to come into place April 2017!