SME’s Paying Double On Energy Bills

In its latest State of the Energy Markets Report, Ofgem has reported that electricity bills of small and
micro businesses have been found to be around 50% higher than large and big businesses. The same
is often the case with gas prices. This report has detailed that energy retail markets normally benefit
larger businesses over small businesses in that large businesses have more chance to negotiate
better deals and switch suppliers.

They have further reported that competition is healthy within the wholesale and retail markets. In
the retail market, it is beneficial for customers who know to shop the market from time to time. This
is not the case for those customers who stay on the default tariffs and the report has revealed that
58% of customers have never switched supplier or only switched once. The number is dropping, but
this factor accounts for notably more expensive bills annually.

The report has further spoken to an increase in green energy, with 25% of the UK’s energy coming
from renewable sources and the nation is set to meet its 2022 emissions targets provided there is
continued investment and policies to meet targets.

No matter the size of your business, it makes good financial sense to shop the energy market for the
best electricity and gas tariffs. BAS Energy has long-standing relationships with top energy suppliers
and are the ideal partner for your business in negotiating and procuring the best energy deals.
Contact us today to find out more about our energy services.


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