top 3 energy news sites

Our Top 3 Informative Energy News Websites

In a world where the energy market is forever changing, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep up with everything that is going on.

Here at BAS Energy, we like to try and keep on top of all the important news that comes out of the energy industry, but we couldn’t do that without the help of research and information from leading energy experts who are willing to share their words online.

Whilst there are many different energy news websites out there, these are our top 3 informative sites to gather the latest news, knowledge and information in energy:

Energy Live News

Energy Live News (ELN) is one of the biggest energy news sites in the UK dedicated to a mix of daily stories relating to the energy industry.

The site is primarily focused on the B2B audience but makes their articles easy enough for a general reader to understand (a great help for anyone who is just starting out in the energy sector).

ELN use text articles to put across their stories along with using their own TV broadcasting.

“Our team of young journalists and camera crews actually go out and newsgather rather than sit rehashing press releases. We cover all forms of energy and cover stories both in the UK and internationally.” – ELN

Utility Week

Another B2B focused website, Utility Week is the leading brand for the water, gas and electricity industries.

Utility Week are great for the latest and breaking news. With focus on the water, gas and electricity markets, Utility Week are the perfect resource for Utility companies such as ourselves as it helps us to communicate the latest energy news to our customers.

The Energyst

The Energyst is a specialist publisher within the energy sector. They provide information, knowledge and guidance in energy magazines and online, covering procurement, energy efficiency and water efficiency.

A key feature of The Energyst is their focus on new technologies, strategies and services within the energy industry, helping businesses to understand the economical affects of energy within business. This can be very helpful for us as we can then teach our customers on how they can be more energy efficient.

Along with news articles posted on their site, they also provide guides and reports based on their research taken throughout the year.


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