Water Deregulation 2017

The water market for non-domestic users is now open for competition in England as a result of The Water Bill that was legislated in 2013 to create a competitive market for retail water and sewerage services.

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What does it mean for you?

Essentially any business in England can now choose their business water and waste supplier and have the opportunity to reduce costs in the same way as can be found in Scotland where the market was opened up in 2008.

The Current Business Water Market

The Business Water market in England is currently split by monopoly regions and any business (consuming under 5 mega litres at any one site) must use the Water supplier that operations in their region. By introducing more competition into the market, businesses will have the opportunity to reduce costs and save money by changing supplier together with improved levels of customer service.

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Demystifying the Jargon

MOSL’s role

The Open Water programme is led by the Department for Food, the Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra), and the water industry regulator, Ofwat.

It will deliver the core IT systems that will enable registration, customer switching and settlement between wholesalers and retailers, and offer its water company members support and advice on their business readiness activities as they approach the market opening.

Organisations holding the relevant licenses to participate in the proposed non-household retail market for water and sewerage services are entitled to apply for membership. Until the date of market opening, legally separate retail businesses established by existing water only or water and sewerage companies may not become members in their own right

MOSL’s remit covers the Market Participants listed in the following table who will be expected to Interface with the CMOS application. These companies are not all fully confirmed as members at the time of writing.

Companies are categorised as:

  1. Water & Sewerage Companies (WASC)
  2. Water Only Companies (WOC)
  3. Other Appointed Businesses
  4. Unassociated New Entrants
  5. Other Businesses

This is the name of the system that will manage the allocation of SPID’s, meter reads and data and site transfers etc.

This provides the single point of access for external (suppliers) users and systems as well as access for MOSL users to all functions other than those provided via the System Monitor. In addition, the MarketPortal contains all the generic functional components required by a market operator system, for example access control, audit logging, validation services and process definition and management.

The Central Connection Register contains the central register for SPIDs (Service Point Identifier’s) and associated data and delivers all services required to maintain and retrieve this data.

Market Meter Data contains all meter and reading data relevant to the market and delivers services for validation and storage of this data.

What savings could you make

We undertook extensive research into the top ten water companies’ published tariffs from their websites.

Our research shows that the current standard tariff from the most expensive provider to the cheapest supplier is different by 57%! If you’d like to make these savings, preparation is the key. Email a copy of your current water bill to waterswitch@bas-energy.co.uk and we’ll tell you how much you can save.

Why BAS?

BAS Energy provides energy, water and waste services to businesses and public sector organisations.
We’re on hand to advise and guide you through any market opportunities now that water has been deregulated.
Here’s 5 compelling reasons to choose BAS for your Energy and Water procurement:

  • It's all about data

    We encourage you to have an accurate picture of your entire portfolio; we can deal with just 1 site or 1000’s of your sites. Ensure all sites are being charged and sites are listed with the correct meter size. These simple checks might result in a credit but they could also result in a back bill. Now, this is not as bad as it seems but back bills at the point of switching can be obstacles to slick and seamless switching process. If we identify a great deal you would like to switch to, the last thing you want is a delay due to billing issues that could have been resolved already.
  • We do our homework

    We get close to you as a business. We understand that if you have a strategic relationship with water (where it’s used as an ingredient or as part of a process) you’ll have different criteria to those with a transactional relationship to water and simply want a slick service and accurate billing. We’ll also look to understand what you’re looking for from a supplier. How much of your bill is water and how much is waste water?
  • We're supplier savvy

    We have already gained an understanding of what each supplier is offering and their services may well change over the coming months. Services that were once free may become chargeable. Knowledge of how the different suppliers position themselves have helped arm us with better advice for our customers and enable us to match our customer to a supplier.
  • Apples with apples

    When looking at supplier offers, we’ll make sure they’re comparable. i.e. is 20% discount on water a better deal than 5% discount on all services? We’ll check what the default retail value is, ensuring it’s the same across suppliers so savings can’t be under or over stated. We’ll look at payment terms, contract termination clauses, and service levels to ensure they fit the needs of your business.
  • Plan ahead

    If you have 1000 sites and you intend to switch them all we’ll help you plan and prioritise those sites. We’ll also look to engage your chosen supplier so everyone understands the timescales involved.