BAS - Energy - Wind power generation breaks records

Wind breaks record to become a major contributor to total energy outputs

Wind farms set a new record for energy generation last week, hitting a high of 13.5GW on 17 January and having reached 10GW earlier in the week. That’s according to Drax Electric Insights who also reported that, at some points last week, wind farms were supplying up to 42% of the UK’s demand. This can be attributed to high winter wind speeds and increased wind farm capacity.

These figures are indicative of the role of wind power in future energy supply and this renewable energy source is poised to become a cheap and reliable means by which to power the nation and meet climate change obligations. This will particularly be the case once barriers to onshore wind infrastructure starts to take shape.

Against the backdrop of 2017’s record-breaking performance in terms of renewable energy sources and the International Renewable Agency’s (IRENA’s) report that renewables will be cheaper than fossil fuels as early as 2020, it appears wind and other fuel sources are an exciting economic energy prospect worth watching in the years to come.

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